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Hello everyone! Someday I will post about things other than the shop, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to receive emails about when I update the Etsy shop with more necklaces (and other goodies) you can now sign up here, or in the field over yonder on the right side of the blog underneath the etsy widget. If you already emailed me about being on a list, I put you on it already! I’m just so unorganized with my gmail account and it’s getting a bit overwhelming, so I thought I’d be a grown up and start a newsletter. Ooohhh, ahhhh! While I would like to make all the requested necklaces and put them on reserve for certain people, something tells me that might backfire and I don’t want a whole shop of reserved necklaces. So I’ll give you a good heads up and then you can all duke it out for them.