Heads Up: Shop Update Monday Afternoon!

I just wanted give you lovely people a heads up that Monday afternoon I will be updating the shop with 20 new necklaces! There are two new styles, and some repeats from last time. I wanted to have a lovely photo here for a sneak peek, but totally forgot as I literally made necklaces until I passed out last night, so I don’t have a lovely photo. I have a pretty crappy iPhone photo. But maybe that makes it more of a peek so I don’t give away too much. This was taken Wednesday night when I was halfway done.

Tons of new colors, a new super chunky weave, and due to popular demand (I’ve always wanted to say that) the brass drops necklace will be sold! Prices for the necklaces will be about the same, $25-30 each.

I can’t say for certain what time I’ll be putting everything up because I’ll have to do it on my lunch break, but I’m shooting for around 2pm est. I’ll put an announcement up here, and an email will be sent out to the mailing list subscribers.

In addition, I’m also releasing an 8×10 print of the Magical Thinking piece, with re-designed text (because I had to redraw it to be larger).

So yay Monday! And thank you to everyone for your support, purchases, and blog posts. I love hearing from a happy customer.