Men’s Vintage on Etsy

Lately the amount of dudes reading my blog has grown and surprised me, as I assumed I talked about babies and shoes enough to turn them all off. Reader Eric recently asked me about vintage for guys and I realized how little I know about guy’s vintage on Etsy as I rarely come across it. I’ve never dated anyone who was into vintage, even though I do love that look on guys, so I’m a little clueless. So I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the scary world of Hawaiian-print shirts and more plaid button-downs than you can shake a fist at, and tried to find some good vintage finds for guys on Etsy. It was rough, but I gave it my best shot! I’d love to hear about other shops if you know of them.

Big Brother Vintage is ALL men’s vintage! I love the shop name.

Hog Eat Hog Is about 50/50 on men and women’s vintage.

Chigal is full of vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses, for men and women.

DejaBlonde has a nice selection of men’s vintage.

La Burrita Veija has a very small selection of exactly what I’d picture men’s vintage clothing in Barcelona looking like.

Mother Midnight uses incredibly creepy masks on their models, a growing etsy trend methinks, but has awesome men’s vintage.