a post about cute babies and certainly not about breaking the shopping ban

polka dot princess, originally uploaded by plainjean.

Some of you have inquired as to how little Ms. Audrey Imogene is doing (previous and now occasional co-pilot blogger Andrea’s babe). This is an excellent question because I like flash people adorable photos on my iPhone whenever possible (actually I’m lying, this hasn’t happened yet since I got the phone, but I do show them on the nearest computer.) So I decided to share with you this jaw-dropping, fall of your chair while trying to pinch her cheeks through your screen photo with you. She is a perfect little blond angel and every time Andrea posts a new photo of her, a little piece of my heart breaks that I can’t be in Seattle for at least 5 more months.

So now that I have you really, really distracted….

I broke the shopping ban.

Oh wait did I show you this picture?! Oh man, it is SO cute too, no?

Technically the original plan was to be on the shopping ban for one month, and in that month and one week I bought nothing except for a new phone, which you all decided for me was a necessity and not breaking the ban! But I still felt bad and decided to extend it to the end of July.

a baby AND a boston terrier? I know, you didn’t think I could hit you with a double whammy like that, but I just did.

But I was weak, and while strolling past Uniqlo (after taking the subway directly to it during my lunch break) I saw that they were having CRAZY sale! I got 2 dresses and a shirt for only $40! That is such a crazy deal it’s almost like not breaking the ban, right?

Don’t hate me. Shopping ban is back on, with just a little blip in the road. But hey, I did last a month and one week! That’s amazing for me!