Shopping Ban Series Finale

The shopping ban is over. One month and 3 weeks long, I cheated a couple times on a couple very small things that were bargains, but that is the point of the ban – to not overspend on things I don’t need. To celebrate the shopping ban I went shopping. I know, my logic is amazing.

First I bought an awesome vintage purse for $10 from Vintage Shouting. That’s practically free, and I have a purse collection (yes, collection, not addiction) that needed this particular style. Needed it.

Also purchased was this incredible vintage mixer from JaditeKate (whom I stalk constantly and was glad to finally buy something from her). A great price, and I needed a mixer badly. I do a ton of baking lately and my hand mixer is a sad, sad thing. I used to have an amazing Kitchen Aid mixer my doesn’t go within 10 feet of an oven anymore mother passed onto me, but due to reasons I would rather not go into because I start pulling my hair out, I no longer have it. This is no Kitchen Aid, but I am no Martha Stewart either. Oh also did you notice how cute this mixer is? Very important.

But those were celebratory purchases (and self control hitting it’s limit) and I’m back to being very, very good. Above all, the shopping ban has taught me to think WAY harder before I buy things, and I hope it lasts. Thanks to everyone who joined in on the ban too and for being so supportive!