Bits Of My Weekend

Friday night we decided to take a late night walk for miles around the city sober instead of going to a bar (was a really fun experience), Saturday I got up bright and early and continued that walk all day – running errands and then on a flea market tour in Chelsea with Lauren. We got drinks and then saw Harry Potter (endlessly entertaining). Then there was a late night roof party I could barely stay awake for, which resulted in sleeping in until…well..I don’t know if I ever got up Sunday. Did absolutely nothing and didn’t get dressed til 6pm to go have dinner at Walter Foods with some lovely blogger friends (I suppose I could just call them my friends now. ha.) Got stupendously lost after I got off the late late late train (so so so unlike me!), ate the best french dip I’ve ever had, drank a strong strong drink, stumbled back to the train correctly, came home and made (slightly ruined) chocolate mousse and passed out.

Today it’s going to push 100 degrees and I am only glad to be going to work for that sweet, sweet air conditioning.