DIY Necklace Display + Shop Update Heads-up

After saying that I never see random pieces of wood laying around Manhattan, Billy and I came across a huge stack of some while drunkenly walking home Friday night in front of an elementary school. I mention that we were drunk because this is an important part of the story as the wood was DISGUSTING and we didn’t notice how gross it was until the next morning. I spent forever scrubbing and cleaning it off, then I attached a picture hanger onto the back, drilled holes into the front, and screwed hooks into it. Viola! A necklace display. Easy as pie and it looks awesome. I also bought this coral hook from Anthropologie on super sale to hold my chains.

So this leads me to also announce that this Thursday, August 6th, at roughly 7pm EST I will update the shop with 30 new necklaces! They sold out in 15 minutes last time, so be prepared. Or not, maybe the hype is over. ha. Brass drops necklaces will be $25, and the friendship necklaces will be $30-$35. Remember you can sign up for the mailing list if you need a reminder.