Gap Real Straight (real awesome)

I love shopping more than is probably healthy, but I loathe shopping for jeans because they never, ever fit me right. When Andrea of Fly Girl talked about testing out the new Gap 1969 styles and mentioned the Real Straight fit, I excitedly commented on how amazing they sounded. And because she is so awesome, she sent me a card for a free pair.

Things that are good: 1. The rise. Not too low, not too high. 2. The back is a little bit higher to get rid of that horrid gap (my number one problem with jeans) 3. They have just a bit of stretch in them – enough to make them comfy, but not too much to make them flimsy.

The downsides: 1. The Gap stopped making my size in ankle length. I had to get mine hemmed and I tried a new tailor who hemmed them a tiny bit too short, which is a serious bummer, but the cut is straight enough that it’s kind of cute that they’re a little short. But Gap, PLEASE make more ankle lengths! I know tons of people who agree with me. Even if you just sold them online I’d be fine with that. 2. The washes. I like the dark wash I got, but the other color wasn’t cute and I wish they’d sell a really light wash. Maybe this will come later because these babies are so popular, they’re sold out at many locations.

I hear the Always Skinny is also great, and I might have to get some for boot season coming up. Anyway, thank you Andrea for the free jeans! It’s colder this week so I’ve been rocking them almost too much.

UPDATE: My shirt is from Urban Outfitters (here) and my shoes are Rachel Comey