Heads Up: Shop Update Next Monday + a schedule

All The Necklaces, originally uploaded by kate / for me, for you.

I just wanted to make an announcement about the For Me, For You necklaces! I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants with this business so far, which is a rather terrible way of doing things. I finally sat down and made a little plan, and figured out down to the last cent what all my expenses were and what everything was costing me and how much free time my life needs to remain sane and healthy. So:

1. The next shop update will be Monday, August 24th at 8pm EST

2. From now on, shop updates will be roughly every five weeks (will change a bit around the holiday season) and I’ll alternate what time of the day I post them each release.

3. Prices will be as follows: Woven Necklaces will be $50, Brass drops $35. Everything will now be shipped for free!

4. A day or so before shop updates I’ll be posting photos with what will be sold so you can decide what you want to aim for, and a link to this post will be sent to everyone on the mailing list (no more emails at the moment necklaces are posted, just a heads up.) Necklaces are usually purchased before I’m even done posting them all on Etsy, and I’ve been told by some buyers they noticed later a different necklace they would have wished they bought instead. So keep your eyes out this Sunday on the blog, or sign up for the mailing list for photos of what will be sold Monday evening!

Thank you all for your support, purchases, and riding out these fluctuating schedules and prices. I’m hoping this system will help me handle this better from here on out! I want each necklace to be special, and not cranked out in a hurry or released constantly.