Jars for my tea

A few months ago I stopped drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee every morning and switched to one small cup of tea (iced tea right now in this hideous heat). I can’t tell you how much my stomach thanks me, and I swear it’s easier to get up in the morning – not dying for that cup to feel normal. It’s also fun to try different kinds. My dad has been a tea maniac for as long as I can remember, as he lived in England for a bit when he was younger, and he turned me onto this small tea shop near Boston that sells their tea online here. Don’t let the funny name/logo fool you as every tea I try there is incredible! The blue flower earl grey will change your life. Ok, maybe now. But it’s damn good. They also sell sampler packs that my dad tells me are great. But I’ve accumulated quite a collection of bags of loose tea and would love to put them in some containers. I think some cork jars like these Tonfisk Inside Storage Jars or these Digit Spice Jars would be perfect and look nice lined up on a shelf.