Sunsets, shoes, and cheap shit cleansing

I had to cut today’s blogging short for a lovely visit to the dentist to get a cavity filled, so the afternoon has been spent being a worthless sack of numbness, drool, and overall complainer (I don’t handle pain well). So I thought I’d just share two photos to perhaps make up for that here.

Above, last night’s amazing sunset. I leaned out of my window to take this photo, only to realize the synagogue (Orthodox, I should mention) behind us was having a gathering in their back yard. And me? Well, I was in my underwear. I didn’t think about it as it’s HOT AS BALLS OUTSIDE and the moment I get home I must try to wear the least amount of clothing as possible. I’m going to hell now.

And then here, of course, we have my new Rachel Comey shoes, which are like pure heaven to walk in. I think that they will transition into fall nicely too because of the peep-toe, and I tested them out with a pair of tights (see here) and am excited to rock them with those too. I’m considering saving up for a pair of her boots, but that would be a serious decision. I think I’m going to follow Anabela’s lead and try to buy less cheap shit. Try. I’m very bad at not doing that and my closet rotates cheap shit like nobody’s business. I’m trying to buy less clothing in general, but maybe more quality purchases are in order, things I have to really save for and think long and hard about.

And that concludes my rant. The end. Back to my jewelry sweatshop.