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I feel like I’ve been light on posting quality lately, so I’ll leave you with a few Joanna-style Friday links:

Had some downtime at worked today so I watched some of this documentary on objectum-sexuals, and the woman who married the Eiffel Tower. It’s fascinating! (via Caroline)

The photo above is from this set, and now I’ve made it my new ebay hunting goal to find a Zeiss Ikoflex, as I am obsessed. Most amazing photos ever.

Love this baby a day photo series. I will do this one day! Maybe once a week though. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you did this for your entire life? That thought blows my mind. (via swissmiss)

Recent lowbrow addictions: and

BSG fans, does this frighten you as much as it does me?

And finally, I can’t believe baby Audrey is 5 months old already.