The Weekly What What: The difference between us

You Me, originally uploaded by kate / for me, for you.

I made a drawing for Billy on Sunday that I decided I’d post for today’s weekly drawing, but then I forgot to upload it to flickr before leaving for work this morning. Story of my forgetful life. So instead I’m sharing with you an old drawing because it perfectly pertains to today. I just booked tickets for us to go to Phoenix in October to visit Billy’s family, and this is a drawing I made the last time we were there. We couldn’t possibly be from two more different climates, and I thought I would sum it up like this.

I’m really excited for our Arizona trip, because this time around I will make picture taking my #1 priority, and the landscape will be so different than all my others. I love a change of scenery, and while it’s a short 4 day trip, I hope we can get some desert exploring time in. The first time I saw a saguaro cactus up close it blew my mind.