Bits Of My Weekend

I knew that this day would come where Bits Of My Weekend would roll around and I’d have barely anything to show for it. Why? Because that first photo accurately represents what 75% of my weekend was spent doing: painting. It ended up being SO much more work than we’d anticipated, and we’re not even finished. I also had the pleasure of having to get all the necklaces ready to go and do a little photo shoot, which I’m usually excited for, but this was just plain bad timing. But you know what? I have never felt so accomplished as this weekend. I kicked some serious ass, and I slept every night like a rock. I also slipped in one night of fun for Lauren’s unmentionable age birthday, a night of getting dolled up and overindulging in Italian food. Sunday I painted the apartment alone and I didn’t want to leave to go back to the old place. The breeze and the light is so wonderful in the new place, I seriously am ecstatic to move in. And you are probably ecstatic to not hear me talk about it anymore! :)