Bits Of My Weekend

Wendy. Uhaul. Wendy! Uhaul! Moving! Moving! Moving! Wendy!

That’s how I feel about this Bits Of My Weekend. My camera was the last thing on my mind this weekend, but next weekend, I promise glorious Bits Of My New Totally Awesome Did I Mention It Is Oh So Awesome Apartment. Moving went pretty smoothly, besides Uhaul hell (1.5 hour wait in line, anyone?) and losing out on an extra person with muscles to help us, so I had to fill in for muscles, and if you’ve met me in person you can join in on a hearty laugh with me, right about…now.

But we’re here, and besides some seriously sore muscles, I’m gloriously happy with the new place. I unpacked half the place already because I’m completely insane and apparently just want to drag myself to work, half alive! I think I eye a box somewhere that is screaming for me to open it… It’s like Christmas!