Busy Music

It’s such a busy (but exciting) week for me, having music on constantly is pretty important right now to keep my sane.

Some songs on repeat right now:

Telepathe – So Fine
Reminds me of Au Revoir Simone

Polly Scattergold – Please Don’t Touch (Golden Filter Remix)
I don’t normally get into remixes, but this is so dang good. So Bjork-like

The Velvet Underground – Run Run Run
Billy and I start singing this song after a day of busyness all the time lately.

Steely Dan – Deacon Blues
I’m not ashamed to admit that I listen to Steely Dan on repeat while I’m painting alone. Not that Billy doesn’t love listening to them. Also, this homemade video is the classiest thing I’ve seen all week. Maybe all month.

And lastly, reader Maria sent me this cool video for a Elin Ruth Sigvardsson song, and while I’m not totally into the song, the video is super rad.