Have a great weekend!

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I’m leaving early today for a rather exciting reason – to sign the lease on our new apartment! We’re moving to Long Island City, which for those of you not in New York, is not actually in Long Island, but in Queens. It’s the first stop in Queens from Manhattan and Brooklyn, so it was a compromise between my commute to work and Billy’s commute to school. It’s an interesting neighborhood that’s exploding lately, and I’m so excited to explore it more. The best part is that it’s just a few blocks from our favorite museum in New York, PS1!, which is going to be hosting the New York Book Art Fair in a few weeks, so I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to just saunter over to check it out. Also the best part is that it’s more than twice the size of our current sardine can, with an extra room for me to have a studio! Oh be still, my heart…

So the next few weeks will be a little insane because the next shop update is scheduled to be around October 1st, but that’s also when we officially have to be out of our old apartment. Luckily we get to start on the new place September 15th, so hopefully things will be in semi-order by the 1st, or the shop update will have to be rearranged. Maybe it will come sooner! I’ll keep you updated.

So, be prepared for more home posts, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah, and have a lovely weekend!