Ikoflex shots

I got my first roll back from my Ikoflex today! I definitely need to get the hang of it a bit more, but I know what to look out for now. Everything is came out a little crooked because of me not being used to the waist-level view finder, but for the most part I’m excited to get back out there with it! There are a couple more scans on my flickr page.

A few people have asked how I go about procuring my scans. I got the roll developed at a shop near me and then had them scan them, because literally the moment I started scanning them on my scanner at work (that has a film attachment) it broke. It wasn’t super cheap to get them scanned, but it wasn’t outrageous and they did a great job, so I’d do it again if we don’t have a new scanner by then.

ps. check out my post over at unruly things on some medium format photos that inspire me!