Subway Themed Party

One of my super powers is having a good sense of direction and my obsession with needing to know the NYC subway like the back of my hand. I hate being lost, and I hate being somewhere where I can’t grasp if I’m heading north or south, or what train I’m near. Moving to a new borough in a neighborhood I don’t know well, with a street grid system that makes little sense to me, is a new challenge. I hope that if I raise kids in this city someday, they’ll share my knowledge of the subway system. I LOVE seeing kids on the subway who know exactly what stop is next and which way they’re heading, therefore this adorable subway themed birthday party over at The Indigo Bunting for a kid who loves the NYC subway kills me with cuteness. So dang creative.

It also reminds me of this great story on the Abstract City Blog.

via you are my fave