You were right Grandpa, saving pays off

All of my profits from my shop updates have gone straight into a savings account for moving. Of course this has sucked for the last few months because working your ass off at something and then getting to reap the benefits with some splurging is oh so tempting, but I cannot tell you how glad I am that I saved saved saved because HOLY CRAP there are so many things you forget that you will need when you move! Bigger place = furniture needed you didn’t even know you needed. More windows = more curtains. Holy crap curtains are so expensive and most are hideous! Plus I’m not handy enough to make my own. Paint? Don’t even get me started, I already complained about paint. Let’s just say I’m surprised that when I walk into the Home Depot paint department the guy at the counter doesn’t just point at me and say, “Let me guess. Mt Rainier in matte?” because I have no concept of how much paint a room will take, even after buying MORE.

So here’s little medley of things on my buying list right now. At least, there are the not too horribly boring things like knobs and electrical outlet covers and coat hangers and DID I MENTION PAINT?!

Ikea bedside drawers DIY – already plotting this one, I found the exact knobs at Home Depot. Now to just rent a car for an Ikea trip from hell…

Opaque Linen Window Panel in feather grey
– on sale! Bought some yesterday. I already own one in white and they’re great. The best non hideous, not too terribly outrageous curtains. I also bought some plain white panels from Umbra that are so simple and cheap.

Vintage Navajo Rug – Not the one I’m bidding on because it’s too small, but I’ve been bidding all over ebay on them lately with NO luck! I want something similar, my backup is this beauty in iron/red at West Elm if I can’t get vintage.

Wire Locker Baskets – I’ve been wanting some for a while and I think I’m going to snatch some up from Three Potato Four because I love this shop so much! I think one next to the couch for books/magazines would be great, or for storing supplies in my studio. Damn it feels good to say “my studio.”

Other than that, things on my wishlist down the road include a vintage coffee table, a brightly colored pendant lamp for the dark grey room, and plants galore!