The Adventure Of Tiny Pies

I can’t believe I really did it, but I made 36 tiny pies last night. Tonight is open studios at Billy’s school, and because it is a trek to get out there, I thought that maybe the promise and reward of tiny pies would be nice for our friends. I LOVE pie. More than I probably should. I make it often, but usually with a frozen crust, because then it’s quite possibly the easiest thing on earth. But you can’t be lazy with tiny pies, you have to make the crust, and this was my first crust making. I made a 2.5 batch from the original recipe, which worked perfectly to make 36 – 18 apple pies, and 18 pumpkin pies. I probably could have made a few more, but I ran out of filling, patience, and energy.

They aren’t pretty, but they’re cute, and after some testing – delicious. I need to learn how to crimp the edge of the crust better. My internet was down (ah!) so I couldn’t look it up online besides tiiiiiny photos on my iphone, so they look a little wonky. The pumpkin pies were kind of hard to make because I used silicon muffin trays, so carrying them to the oven was a hilarious act. The pumpkin filling rose like cute buttons, and then collapsed – looking like what Billy described as something dirty I will not repeat here – but the pumpkin pies are MORE delicious than the apple! I just used the basic recipe on the back of the pumpkin can, and just increased the cooking time a little – 20 minutes at 425, and then 15-20 at 350. For the apple, I would highly recommend you use more sugar than is in the original recipe. I basically put all the apples in a bowl and coated them with sugar and spices until you couldn’t see the apples anymore:)

Thank you to Kimberly for sending me some tips on how she made her pies recently, and of course to Andrea for sending this recipe to me in the first place! I’m pretty sure I’ll have no problem making these babies disappear. It was A LOT of work (4 hours!) but I did take on making a lot, and damn they are yummy.

Update: I completely forgot to mention that the crust wasn’t too hard, but not the easiest thing ever. I don’t own a food processor, and I forgot to get a pastry blender before the cake shop by me closed, so I froze the butter and then grated it on a cheese grater (medium size grate), and then mixed the dough with my hands like a CHAMP. I had the best cramp in my hand ever afterward, and dough in very strange places, but it worked! Wendy was very excited to sit by me and lick up any stray butter.