Bits Of My Weekend

A lovely birthday weekend with lots of walks in the perfect weather, Wendy in a particularly wonderful mood, those previously mentioned adult beverages at Dutch Kills (the best cocktail I’ve ever had is there), and then a resulting hangover Sunday that kept me at home making jewelry all day. Billy got me an amazing collection of new and vintage dishes and glasses from Fishs Eddy (some shown in the first few photos) and I made sure to put them to use with lots of tea and bacon bacon bacon. Some wonderful friends came out and made me feel very loved, despite the MTA bringing on the worst weekend of train service changes you could imagine. A true sign of friendship:)

And thank you thank you thank you for all the birthday wishes! I wish I could share the cupcakes my friend Emily made me with all of you. They’re vanilla with a raspberry filling, and lemon cream cheese frosting. Just pretend you’re eating them right now, ok? Trust me, you love them.