Field Boot

My favorite oxford boots ever finally fell apart on me recently, and since they were a huge staple in my wardrobe, I had been on a serious hunt for a replacement. Apparently vintage oxfords have reached the radar of the masses because I could NOT find a vintage replacement that I liked as much or in my size. So I decided to shell out a bit more money for a new pair, and I went with the We Who See Field Boot while urban was having a 20% off shoe sale. They came yesterday and they’re amazing. The only problem is that they’re a tad big, but not enough for me to send them back for a 1/2 size smaller, and I figure that they’ll be good in the winter with some thicker socks anyway. Plus, because they lace up it’s not that much of an issue. They’re insanely comfortable, and seem to be really great quality, something I was nervous about because I have so-so luck with Urban’s quality in shoes.