hello, weekend

Schrödinger’s cats, originally uploaded by mll0ll.

This is definitely one of those Fridays where I’m kind of in shock that it’s here already. That’s a good thing.

This weekend I plan to eat tiny pies, make necklaces like a mad women (I’ve been procrastinating, which is not pretty), see Where The Wild Things Are (debating IMAX vs non-IMAX), and pack pack pack as we leave for Phoenix on Tuesday morning, and I know Monday is going to be one hell of a late night at work.

I’m plotting something fun for next week on here while I’m gone. Or at least it seems fun in my head – stay tuned! Have a great weekend!

ps. every time I think of tiny pies, I get Tiny Dancer stuck in my head. I sang, “hold meee closer tiny pieeeee!” all night last night.