When it first opened, I wasn’t completely sold on Madewell. It was touted as being J. Crew’s more affordable, fun line, but I was initially shocked by the prices and I also felt like the style was a little bit awkward, like they hadn’t quite found the look they were going for. I’m not sure if they’ve improved on the prices and style, or if my quest to buy less and invest a bit more in higher quality clothing and expand my style a bit more beyond grey t-shirts was it, but a few months ago I gave it another chance and I fell in love. It’s still not super affordable, but the quality is great and they have both really nice staples like t-shirts and jeans, and more fun and unique pieces. My favorite part of their collection right now is that they have Fall clothing down perfectly – the colors, the fabrics, the boots.

In similar news, I finally got around to going to Topshop (which is right next door to Madewell in NYC) and I was not impressed. Everything seems so cute online, but the prices were insane for the quality, and the store gave me a headache. Major let down! The shoe section was the only thing that might have me return.