New sections

chubs, originally uploaded by kate / for me, for you.

Last night I got home after a pretty long, busy day at work, and just planted myself on another chair for the evening and never got up until it was time for bed at 1am. I decided I’d tackle the FAQ section, and while doing it I realized it required some designing and redesigning, and then of course realized that while I was at it, I really needed to make a page about my jewelry instead of always sending people to an empty Etsy shop. Of course that was a huge undertaking, but I’m glad it’s done. As expected, while laying in bed last night I thought of all the things in the section I forgot to include, so it will probably change often. It’s also probably FULL of lovely grammatical errors, but because no one proof reads my posts (well, ok, I do not ASK anyone to but some like to volunteer their anonymous services occasionally) I figured, screw it.

So those of you here via google reader and such, can now direct yourselves to the blog homepage to see the new sections over on the sidebar.

And what does Wendy have to do with those post? Nothing, I just wanted to dedicate this photo to one Mrs. Patty Miller, my friend Gretchen’s mom who apparently reads my blog everyday, and is Wendy’s #1 fan. I felt she deserved a shout-out. I told Wendy about her growing fan club and she this is the look she gave me. “Yeah, whatever. Is it time for food now?”

ps. I even answered one of the not so nice anonymous questions in the FAQ section. Because my answer is sure to make them feel like shit.