On repeat + what’s in store for this week

Today is very busy. I will have to implement a no internet rule for myself for the day, so I’ll be signing off now and just share with you two songs I’m in love with right now that I found on the latest Urban Outfitters mix – which are always so good, and free. Vivid Youth by Pastels & Tenniscoats, and Feel It All Around by Washed Out. So good.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Phoenix for the rest of the week, and because I didn’t want to leave you hanging and didn’t get my act together in time to line up guest bloggers, I decided to be a dedicated blogger and take my laptop with me to do a “Bits Of My Vacation” live all week! A few photos a day, hopefully. Who knows what may get in my way, but that’s at least what I’m planning. So stay tuned!