Famampa tagged me to share the 10th image in my first folder, and while I’m normally too lazy to participate in tagged things like this, this one is clearly meant for lazy people because I can handle it:) I routinely have to move all of my images off of my laptop and onto my external hard drive, so I don’t have anything hilarious and crazy old to share. But my first folder happens to be the folder I keep my film scans in, so this one is a bit old. It’s from our trip to the Northwest in 2007, and this was at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I just want to crawl right into this photo. I loved the Ace, I’d go back in a heartbeat. This trip was the kind where anything that can go wrong will wrong, and despite it being August it poured in Seattle, so on the last two days of the trip we headed down to Portland, where the skies parted, the sun shone, and our tripped was saved by that lovely city.

Eep, almost forgot to tag someone! Ok, I tag P.