"A Very Lucky Wind"

pink balloon, originally uploaded by elseachelsea.

There is a crazy story on Radiolab that Shannon Eileen’s lovely new blog, Happiness Is… brought to my attention about an 10 year old English girl named Laura Buxton who labeled a balloon “please return to Laura Buxton” and set it loose into the sky in her backyard, and by some insane chance landed clear across the country in the yard of another 10 year old named Laura Buxton, who was clearly stunned by this discovery. Then it got crazier when they corresponded and finally met each other, only to find out that they looked like twins and had identical lives.

The skeptic in me wants to write this off as a completely untrue story, but I don’t think WNYC public radio would lie to me. Plus I would really like to believe it’s true and know that life is so unbelievably incredible like this sometimes.

You can hear the story here: