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camelback mountain
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Nick Cave
Nick Cave

Jerome Grand Hotel

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hummingbird frozen in time
backyard fire
bachelor pad
I'm no longer and In 'n Out Burger virgin

Well, obviously my plan of live blogging my trip to Phoenix didn’t work out, but that’s okay, the semi-break from the internet was nice. Overall the trip was fun and felt great to get out of NYC for a week, but I was pretty sad that it was basically the exact temperature there it was in NYC the whole time, and then quickly sprang back to 90 the day we left. My swimsuit sat in my bag with a sad face. But it’s safe to say that I saw some of the most incredible scenery of my life in Arizona, especially when we drove a few hours up to Jerome – this tiny little down on the side of a rocky mountain, with crazy beautiful views of Sedona. I think next time we go I definitely want the trip to be longer so we can fit in more time for day trips like that, as that ended up being the only scenic trip we took. It’s hard to fit things in on a roughly 4 day trip to see people you haven’t seen in two years!

Also, all Bits Of My Weekend and this post have clickable photos from now on that lead to the flickr page of each photo. I get asked often about specifics of each photo and it’s hard to fit that all in on each post! It’s like a behind the scenes look. Yeah, I’m that cool with the internets like that.