Bits Of My Weekend

simple things
living room
just warmin' this leg up here
Freedom Breakfast
hey, pretty view
bring your girlfriend to work

Besides so very many errands that had to be run all weekend, I made enough necklaces that has to qualify me for some kind of world record of awesomeness. What helped is that Billy had this sudden need to go to his studio and work, so I went with him and set a table up to work as well, and damn did I get a lot done with that kind of motivation. Sunday morning Billy turned to me and said, “What do you think about maybe rearranging the living room?” because he knows the key to my heart: rearranging furniture. We set to it, and it looks 800 times better! I think that my one of my special powers is rearranging furniture to make a room look better. I should be on Oprah. Or maybe Tyra, I’m probably more Tyra material, huh? We also set to making some shelving, but during all the drilling and hammering my neighbor got mad! Apparently someone likes quiet time on a Sunday afternoon. Hrmphh. Doesn’t he know how badly we need some shelves? Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend of kicking ass and awesome weather. A formal announcement about the upcoming shop update is coming soon! I got madness up my sleeve, I tell you!