Bits Of My Weekend

It feels good
my favorite shelf
setting up
majestic face
scabble night
catching some rays
out cold

Contrary to what these photos may have you believing, I actually did the leave the house this weekend – and that’s why there aren’t many photos. I seem to be in this phase lately where I feel pressured to take photos to document everything we do for Bits Of My Weekend – and it feels too forced and unnatural, so I just keep my camera in my bag and enjoy the moment. We went to the Whitney on Saturday and saw the Georgie O’Keefe show, and then walked all the way across Central Park (which if you’ve been, you know isn’t really possible, so there was lots of weaving around) to get to the West side to visit some used book sellers on the streets over there. That night we had friends over for Scrabble, Indian food, and cocktails (I won Scrabble! first time ever against a group of people.) Sunday we went Billy’s studio to shoot his new work (more on that later!) and then I spent the rest of the day packing orders and getting ready for next Sunday’s update. This morning I had one of those dreaded alarm clock moments where you’re in complete denial that the time is set correctly. I’m actually still in denial…