Have A Lovely Weekend

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I had a strange week, a very off week, as I mentioned. But after staying up late last night to organize my studio and my head, I feel so very much better today. It also helped that Glee was the best episode yet (and totally made me cry a little…anyone else?!)

So, I feel good about the weekend….even though I decided that I should redo all of my necklace photos and will take that on tomorrow. Because I am perfectionist when it comes to this business of mine, and I have never, ever been that before in my life. It feels fantastic to care about something so much.

I’ll leave you with my favorite song they’ve done so far on Glee – even though it only involves one character, it’s my favorite underdog character. If you don’t watch the show, we can’t be friends anymore. Ok, I’ll let certain boys off the hook as I realize how unappealing musicals are to some. I apologize to my international readers that you can’t watch this hulu clip!

Have a wonderful weekend.