Have a sunny weekend

let’s eat, originally uploaded by kate / for me, for you.

This week has completely flown by too fast and I’m in serious panic mode with getting necklaces done and work being busy as well, hence my light posting. But I’m super excited that we’re supposed to have our first sunny Saturday in ages and ages tomorrow, and we’ve got a little home improvement project in the works. Sadly we’ve decided that making the awesome pipe shelving is just not feasible for us right now (doing project like this in NYC without a [free] car is painful, for one) so we’re settling for our own easier version because we desperately need some shelving!

Other than that, I’m banished to my sweatshop, making some lovely things I hope you’ll get to wear soon.

Thank you all SO much for your amazing comments about where to buy polka dot tights! I tried to find them in the city, but it seems they are too popular to do so, so I’m going to have to order them. I’m leaning towards the Free People pair. And yes! I saw the awesome Refinery29 post about tights – I think half of the universe sent me that link this week, you are all so kind.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.