jewelry announcement: dates + new shop

Since my last shop update I have been tirelessly working on making roughly 100 necklaces for a huge shop update for the holidays. I’ve lost sleep, friends, and a normal life, but I’m super excited to announce that in the coming weeks there will be four shop updates! :) There will be varying times and days of the week to hopefully accommodate many of your very different schedules. The dates will be as follows:


Wednesday, November 18th – 8pm EST
Friday, November 20th – 9am EST
(then there will be a little Thanksgiving break as I’m going out of town…)
Sunday, November 29th – 4pm EST
Wednesday, December 2nd 8pm EST

Each update will have roughly 25 necklaces, and which particular necklaces will be released in that update will be available for you to view the day before. I’m sorry I can’t tell you upfront because that is too much work for my brain, but every update will a bit of each category and colors – brass drops, silver drops, the classic rollo chain necklace, the box chain necklace, and the snake chain necklace. This is sadly the last time I will be selling the box chain and snake chain necklaces as my vintage stock is all out! I’m now on the hunt for a new style.

If you are on the email list, an email will be sent out the day before each shop update with a reminder and a link to the shop where you will be able to view what will be sold the next day.

Another huge announcement is that I’m moving my shop from etsy over to big cartel. This was a seriously tough decision, but there were a few features that I really needed that etsy doesn’t have – mainly, now when you put a necklace in your cart, you will have 15 minutes to check out! No more racing as fast as you can only to have someone snatch your necklace out of your cart. I can’t handle those angry emails anymore, or the fact that it’s all about who can type the fastest! Another thing I love is that I can put all of my items in my shop and then choose when I want them to go live, or to have a “coming soon” feature so that you can see what will be sold the day before! I still think that Etsy is one of the greatest things on earth, and is perfect for stores that benefit from being in that community and being promoted through that community, but the technical issues outweigh that right now for me – what is need is certain functionality that works better for me (and you!) If I do go back to selling my prints again, I’ll be selling them through my etsy shop, because it’s also good for those shops to be separate. Etsy, I still love you to death, the Etsy forums have helped me IMMENSELY in starting a business, and I’ve met some awesome people there.

It’s not totally done being designed, but the shop will be located here at I just wanted to give you the link to bookmark now if you’re not into the email list thing or are a super planner and want to bookmark it now.

I’m very excited (and a wee bit nervous) for this busy month!