Nothing is perfect

An announcement and preview of tomorrow morning’s shop update is going to come later tonight. I had to sell some of the necklaces that were for tomorrow’s update last night because Big Cartel oversold some of them and I was so stressed out that I just decided to finish packaging everything up and go to bed, and worry about getting the next update ready tonight instead.

I’m really frustrated and angry because this move was supposed to make the shop better, but instead I acquired new problems that are even worse than the issues I had with selling them on Etsy. Some people didn’t even get 15 minutes to check out, as their site promised with the options I had turned on. It’s too late to switch back to Etsy for this month, so I’m considering my options for the new year. If tomorrow goes badly as well, maybe it’s back to Etsy for the next two updates later this month.

We shall see. Thank you everyone for your amazing support. I guess I should be thankful that I have enough customers to cause a glitch like this? Trying to see the good in this, as Billy has encouraged me to do! This morning as I dropped all the packages into the mailbox, I forgot about how insanely mad I was last night and only felt blessed.

Update: I got a pretty nice email from Big Cartel about why overselling happens due to a delay with paypal communicating with big cartel to tell them that an item is sold. ALSO! You do have 15 minutes to check out, but only once you are checking out, you don’t get to have your item in your basket for 15 minutes while you shop for more. So, if you want two necklaces you’ll need to be quick, or check out twice (because shipping is free.) Not a perfect system, but I think I mostly understand now.