And the winner is…

Slurpage, originally uploaded by kness.

Thank you to everyone for entering the necklace giveaway! When I put the number into the random number generator I was blown away that it was up to 459 comments! Good lord, I was so happy when that generator gave me #5, because if it had been above 200 I would have gone cross-eyed having to count the comments up to that point.

So congratulations to Yulanda! I was very excited that someone I know (well, on the internet, that is) was the winner, and especially someone who seriously deserves a little sunshine as of late.

But I also decided after looking at my supplies and all those comments that a second random winner should get a brass drops, so congrats to Megan as well!

Thank you everyone, especially for your insight on what necklace colors you love and for all of your incredibly kind comments. The top favorites are definitely the gray & marigold double strand, the coral & grey double strand, and cobalt. You’ve all given me some thought on how to go about the next shop update in a different way that I may test out next year.

Oh and um, the kitten above has nothing to do with this post besides me wanting to inhale that kitten it’s so adorable. Why not a kitten? (thanks to Julie for bringing kitten happiness into my world)