Bits Of My Weekend

baby tree
vintage tree
recipe for a hot saturday night
cozy nightstand
the island of misfit plants
missed opportunity
this was all that was allowed
they sort of match

It was a freeeeezing weekend, complete with a bit of snow! Friday night we went to a comedy show I won tickets to – it was fun because we got dressed up and had a date night, which we haven’t done in forever because of our completely opposite schedules this semester of school for Billy. Saturday it rained like nobody’s business – but that did NOT stop me from dragging our asses 10 blocks to get a Christmas tree. I knew it was then or never! I went to an amazing needlepoint supply store and bought some thread I’m super excited about for the necklaces, and then came home in the snow to defrost with some nog, Elvis, and Christmas decorating. I know, I’m a Hallmark card. Sunday was the Bust craft fair – which to clarify for some, I only visited, not sold at. Lauren and I stopped by for a bit, but it was insane, and we lost our shopping luster and decided to go see Up In The Air, which was really sweet. I realized the last two movies I saw starred George Clooney, which I am totally okay with because he is the best lately.

The winner of the necklace giveaway is coming soon!