Bits Of My Weekend

snow feet
sun bathing
um, okay thanks
our standard breakfast
snow birds
good morning, snow
sleepy head
vacation books
snow park
the only speck of color
snow walk
smiley face

It’s hard to talk about anything else that happened this weekend without just wanting to move on to talking about all the SNOW! So. Much. Snow. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen a foot or more of snow, being from Seattle and all, so snow storms get me rather excited. Saturday I spent all day in bed with Wendy trying to tackle that cold I had with more orange juice than is possibly even healthy, reading The Help (finished all 444 pages of it in 2 days it was so damn good) and watching the snow come tumbling down. Sunday we woke up to the blizzard’s bounty and my health mostly back in check, so I declared an adventure was in order. Because Long Island City isn’t exactly the most bustling neighborhood on the weekends, the snow plows didn’t get to some of the streets, which made for a trip to the drug store an actual adventure. The weekend was literally a rotation of reading, cuddling with Wendy, and eating. Because that’s what you do when you’re sick and there’s snow. You might also be happy to know that I spent a good chunk of time working on new jewelry ideas, which I’m pretty excited to share with you soon. Oh, and also, enjoying my copy of Remedy Quarterly, and my new Forestbound tote (perfect for a snowstorm adventure) that came just in the nick of time Friday before I left work.

ps. I finally had time to make things BIGGER around here! Enjoy the larger photos, and remember that they’re clickable to my flickr pages that have more info on them.