Gift Idea: AITA

Pretty much anything at Art In The Age makes a good gift, but the AITA Holiday Gift Pack is probably your best bet. It includes 1 Walter Benjamin tote bag, 1 box set of AITA stationery, and 2 AITA soaps.

I also think their Root Liquor would make an awesome, rare gift. I was going to get some for my dad, but alas, you cannot ship liquor to Washington state. Has anyone tried it? It sounds like someone got inside my head and made exactly what I love in booze: “Incredibly unique in flavor, fairly clean on the palate with strong notes of birch, peppery herbaceousness, spices, citrus and vanilla bean.” I’m dying to try it, someone please get it for me for Christmas, ok? The fact that they use the word herbaceousness in the description says it all.