Gift Idea: Badass

I recently became obsessed with the website Badass Of The Week. As the title suggests, Ben Thompson presents a different badass every week, along with history of that badass and what they did that is so badass. It’s educational while at the same time being the most hilariously written stories ever.

So far my favorite badass is Blenda (Swedish Viking woman), here’s an excerpt from the story:

The Danish horde rolled into Wahrend expecting to be chasing terrified women through the burning huts of their pillaged, looted town, but instead they basically walked onto the set of one of those crazy over-the-top 1980s beer commercials where Spuds McKenzie is jumping a surfboard over the Great Wall of China and the Swedish Bikini Team is rocking out to a boom box blasting Brian Adams or Loverboy or some other such ridiculous crap. The big, tough warriors had no clue how to respond to an armada of hot Swedish babes bearing delicious meats and alcoholic beverages, and fawning over their giant man-biceps, so they basically decided to give in, hang out, and have a huge party, because – as we all know – nothing makes guys more retarded than boobs and/or booze.

But I’m not that far into it call absolute favorites yet because they are all so good. I would love to get my hands on the book that was recently made from this website – for myself or to gift to any badass-loving friends and family I have.