Happy Weekend

, originally uploaded by nicole ☆ lynn.

This weekend I’m going to:

– get a little Christmas tree (anyone in Long Island City know where they’re selling them? Taking one home on the train sounds like the opposite of fun. UPDATE: sweet, gothamist has an awesome map of where to buy trees!)
– experiment with new ideas for the necklaces that I am STUPENDOUSLY excited about. All caps excited.
– read each and every one of your responses to the giveaway, and probably tear up a little because I’m really sappy and grateful. So far marigold and grey double strand is THE favorite! I had no idea, sometimes I don’t even make that one, sheesh. Cobalt is a close second, which I appreciate as it’s my favorite.
– go to the BUST Craftacular on Sunday! Um, so far I’m nervous because it seems as though every internet friend I know (having met and not met) in NYC is going, and that makes my social anxiety flip out a little, but mostly I’m pumped. I apologize if you say hi to me and I look like a baby deer in headlights.
– bust out my 70’s edition Elvis Christmas Album on vinyl and make Billy consider leaving me. Also, Dirty Dancing is coming through Netflix tomorrow, so I’ll just get both of those out of the way one after another and then let him play his video games for like 6 hours straight.

Have a wonderful weekend!

ps. check out my gift guide over at the shiny squirrel!