Hola, Weekend

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Yikes, this week was super busy at work and I jumped the gun by lining up all my good posts for earlier in the week. So I’ll just briefly say:

I want these simple riding boots big time (but the calves look a little too skinny, no?) via refinery29

I want to visit the Neon Museum, where old Las Vegas signs go to die (or live on in boneyard awesomeness?)

Sub-Studio’s color-coded gift guides are my absolute favorite gift guide this year, for sure. So clever, and so many good finds!

Any other New Yorkers going to Lena’s holiday sale tomorrow? I am so excited to see what Jenny has up her sleeve, among other amazing people selling their lovelies there.

Other than that, we’re finally seeing The Hurtlocker tonight (it came back in theaters here after receiving so much praise, but I’m still nervous to see if as I don’t do well with war movies!) and I’m hoping it does snow a bit on Sunday like they say it might. If it’s going to be this damn cold, I at least want to see some pretty snow while I’m being lazy on Sunday!

Have a great weekend, friends.