Whale therapy

I’m having a fun morning. My Gmail was hacked for a few hours, I slammed into the corner of a door while playing with Wendy and cut my hip really bad (now limping), I got my least favorite clerk at the post office who (always!) re-weighs and double checks my Endicia international packages because she thinks I’m going to do it wrong (she told me this) when there is NO need to because I ship the same exact packages all the time – causing me to be late for work. They’re just tiny stupid things (well, the gmail thing wasn’t but it’s ok now) I shouldn’t care about, but I’m not one for having perspective during times of anger. Let’s just get lost in these amazing Moby Dick pieces over at But Does It Float. I love, love whale imagery, even if living in the Pacific Northwest and the bad souvenirs in existence have forever ruined the Orca Whale for me.

(top to bottom artists: barry moser – rockwell kent – tom neely)