And the winner is…

Wow. You guys knocked my socks off with that giveaway! More comments than ever before! You apparently feel exactly the same as I do about Forestbound. And while I wish you could all win, there can be only one winner, so congrats to Ariel for winning! The random number generator loves you.

Here she is, looking adorable over at I know, now you’re twice as jealous. Me too.

ps. I thought I’d take a stab and ask if anyone out there knows how to make the comment section numbered for CLASSIC templates. I can only find tutorials for the upgraded blogger templates and I’m old school and would have to redesign my entire blog if I upgraded. Counting hundreds of comments for giveaways is the least fun thing ever to do at 8am. Seeing as I searched the entire internets I think it’s not actually possible, but I figured I’d try.