back to my roots

Nich Hance’s photos of Alaska (what I’ve gathered is Alaska from some detective work) are blowing my mind. I’ve never had much of an urge to go to Alaska, but now I do.

In fact, I wish I could time travel back to the vacations of my childhood. We rarely went on vacations, but when we did, they were budget trips to visit family in places like Montana and South Dakota. Driving trips that took us through mountains, prairies, and wilderness that I obsessively think about these days. What I would give to take a few weeks off and drive from my grandparents’ home in Sioux Falls (my birthplace) to home in Seattle, taking a million pictures along the way. I’ve been to gorgeous places like the Black Hills, Glacier National Park, and Mt. Rushmore all the while hating every moment of it because my other friends got to go on fancy vacations to places like Europe and Mexico. I just want to go back in time and smack myself, hand me a camera, and tell myself to document those moments before I never get the chance again for a long, long time.

(photos via freckle farm)