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Nich Hance’s photos of Alaska (what I’ve gathered is Alaska from some detective work) are blowing my mind. I’ve never had much of an urge to go to Alaska, but now I do.

In fact, I wish I could time travel back to the vacations of my childhood. We rarely went on vacations, but when we did, they were budget trips to visit family in places like Montana and South Dakota. Driving trips that took us through mountains, prairies, and wilderness that I obsessively think about these days. What I would give to take a few weeks off and drive from my grandparents’ home in Sioux Falls (my birthplace) to home in Seattle, taking a million pictures along the way. I’ve been to gorgeous places like the Black Hills, Glacier National Park, and Mt. Rushmore all the while hating every moment of it because my other friends got to go on fancy vacations to places like Europe and Mexico. I just want to go back in time and smack myself, hand me a camera, and tell myself to document those moments before I never get the chance again for a long, long time.

(photos via freckle farm)


  1. jones says

    My husband gets to travel there for work and I very, very much want to accompany him one time (though preferably in the summer!).

    those photos are truly beautiful.

  2. Maggie says

    I know what you mean. I used to go camping on the Olympic Peninsula and hated it as a kid because camping wasn't "glamorous" enough, usually missing how gorgeous and powerful the nature around me was. Silly past-self! If only you could have known what I know now!

    Love these photographs.

  3. kelly says

    i completely sympathize! as a kid, my parents were always about road trips, road trips, road trips — particularly to my dad's home state of Montana. and i liked it, but was sorta "eh" about the whole thing. now i think that sounds like a DREAM. so this past October my boyfriend and i road tripped from L.A. to Yellowstone to Glacier and it was we're planning our alaska trip for next year!

  4. Tiffany says

    I am from Sioux City, IA. Yes the midwest might seem like there is nothing there but you can't beat the landscape for sure!

  5. teal and gold says

    We are planning a cross-Canada road trip for this summer. Prairies, mountains, sleeping outside for a month. I somehow have to save for a nicer digital camera and the trip. These photos will be my inspiration.

  6. meghan t says

    So beautiful. I live an hour away from Banff in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and this reminds me a lot of there. So beautiful!

  7. Shilo says

    Yet another hand up in the crowd of people who grew up in total beauty and couldn't wait to shun it for life in the big city.

    I'm from Seattle and thinking back on the summers I spent at my grandparents farm in rural Fall City? Swoon.
    It's really a shame that Northwest weather sucks so much.

  8. Fiona says

    I'll tell you now, there's nothing better than a weekend in a faded British seaside town in winter. Close-to-home holidays are wonderful – wish we had some of the scenery (or choice) you have in the States though!

  9. sk says

    gosh, I hear that! my parents once took us out to new mexico and arizona and we toured canyons and native american reservations and all sorts of desert and mountain goodness….and did i have fun? nah. man i wish i could go back and have a do-over!

  10. stephanie renee says

    I have made that road trip, accept we started in minneapolis and ended in san francisco but stopped in seattle along the way. it was gorgeous and glacier national park was my favorite!

  11. Meghan says

    Sounds like the vacations of my childhood. Wish I would have appreciated them more back then.
    These photos are breathtaking. They almost look like paintings.

  12. destined to design says

    wow, these are brilliant. i thought they were a painting at first glance. there's nothing quite like pure, untouched landscape.

  13. Jeannine says

    I cannot even describe the reaction at must have had on my face when I saw the magnificent pictures on this post. I reside in the Chicago suburbs right now, and am desperate to live in a gorgeous place like in the pictures. …Some day- maybe… Thank you for helping me to dream. :)


  14. karen says

    I had the exact same vacations. My father was a geologist and we drove from Louisiana to Ohio, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Never ever went to Disney World thank god. I got to see the landscapes of America instead. Loved it. But yeah, budget trips they were. We picniked at rest stops and slept on pool floats in the hotel rooms.

    Did you guys ever visit Wal Drug?

  15. Cance says

    alaska is so achingly gorgeous (even in winter). i lived there only three years but i always want to go back.
    those photos are stunning. thanks for sharing the find.

  16. says

    I know what you mean. My wife and I love road trips. When we moved across the country we were so excited to stop here and there and everywhere. Then the reality of carrying all of our most valuable positions (already tremendously pared down as our apartment has only 1/3 the space it used it) set in and my desire to leave the car decreased significantly. That said, I still think we did pretty well considering.

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