Bits of My Vacation

us outtake
My grandpa
little gnome
grandma panckes

hanging out
that boy did good
the little things
people who know me well

Because my vacation was so short, relaxed, and uneventful, I didn’t take too many photos. And then I decided to take a break over the weekend and let these photos be my Monday post. My trip to Seattle was full of family, sunshine, adorable little ladies, best friends, and a lot of martinis. I realized how hard it is to be far away from those you love, but also how nice it can be as well:) New Years eve was quite and lovely, and since I got back I’ve been in extreme denial about going back to work.

I don’t normally make resolutions, but for the past month or so I’ve been trying to be less negative, and I think the new year is a good push to keep up with that. While I was back home I noticed how being negative – sarcastically and not so sarcastically, is a strange crutch that runs in my family, and it’s such an ugly trait I wish I could shed a bit. It’s my default when I have nothing else to talk about and when I’m trying to be funny – in person and on the internet. I’ve learned to love my life more than ever in the last few years, and I think that besides making changes, just looking at things differently and keeping my whining mouth shut unless venting is totally necessary will do a lot of good creating better vibes around me.

Happy new year, internet. 2009 was a good year for me, but I’m down with making 2010 even better.

ps. a few notes for those who don’t click the photos: Audrey’s awesome sweater is from Oeuf, my Christmas gift to her as I have a weakness for tiny striped things. It’s possibly the best thing that ever existed on the planet earth. My necklace is my Christmas gift from Billy, we’re not sure who the designer is. No boy has ever given me a fancy necklace before! Swoon.