Bits Of My Weekend

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I’m really glad Wendy decided to do some excellent poses this weekend, otherwise I’d be quite empty handed this morning. I swear I did a lot this weekend! But they were all things that didn’t lend to picture taking. We visited the Fisher Landau Center For Art, which was simply amazing (no photos allowed, sadly), we went to some art openings in the area with some lovely ladies, and then we went to Dutch Kills where I proceeded to get more inebriated than I’ve been since my birthday – which of course was at the same bar. I never really drink much, and I guess their delicious cocktails and atmosphere just lured me in, making Billy laugh his head off at me on the walk home (oh how the tables did turn!) Needless to say I paid for it Sunday, but managed to drag myself to Sweetleaf (best coffee in LIC) for a rare latte (I don’t really drink coffee – fyi hilarious anonymous “not trying to be mean” anti-coffee commenter) to Williamsburg for the best damn haircut I’ve had since my first haircut in New York four years ago (that stylist moved to LA – cry). My last haircut wasn’t that terribly long ago, but my hair grows so fast and I decided to hell with it, and just cut it super short again. Jenn at Mousey Brown did a bang up job, and for the first time since moving here I’m going to definitely go back to the same stylist! Can I just tell you that I’ve had like 14 different people cut my hair in New York and I’ve never been totally satisfied? I have a haircut problem. It might be worse than my shoe addiction.