A handful of randoms

It’s that time again for an “I’m too busy to be a good blogger this week” random mish-mash blog post! I’ve been filing things away for when I had a moment to breath.

Did you know that David Sedaris released an audiobook of some of his live performances on vinyl last year? How was this never brought to my attention before? It also comes with a free mp3 download – something I highly appreciate with records that have that. Thank you, awesome coworkers, for the heads up.

Goodbye Sorrow from Katie Armstrong on Vimeo.

Reader Katie Armstrong is a senior at SVA and sent me this amazing video called Goodbye Sorrow that she made, created with hundreds of watercolor illustrations. She also recorded the vocals, which I’ve had stuck in my head ever since I first watched this, because they’re so damn haunting. There’s also an installation up in the Westside Gallery at SVA where you can watch the video and see all of the illustrations.

I bought this amazing Lauren Moffatt dress on Gilt (wanna sign up?) for a stupendously awesome discount, and oh boy is it even more lovely in person than I had imagined. The print is really interesting, and I’m hoping someone has some kind of event soon that calls for me to wear it. Or I’ll just wear it to work because it’s linen and could be dressed down a bit with boots.

I am so completely in awe of this story over at A Desert Fete, a blog I adore. You’ll just have to head over there to read about it – prepare to be amazed.

I’m skipping my usual have a great weekend post, but be sure that you do indeed have a great weekend! And don’t forget, Sunday evening a preview of what necklaces will be sold on Monday will be up – in the shop, on here, and for the email list subscribers!