Randoms to say goodnight to

Please ignore my absence today. Pretend it didn’t happen. It’s a busy, busy week. I feel like I can’t really say I had a crazy day today when there are people out there who obviously had an unfathomably awful day, and days to come. But, let’s just look some stuff while I’m having this moment of breathing time at home, in my PJs. First up: windows to drool over. And chairs. Definitely chairs, too. Photos by Laure Joliet. via the storque.

Next, a video, just because it’s been a long day.

and then one more video, just because, of The Rolling Stones listening to their recording of “Wild Horses”, from the documentary Gimme Shelter. This is quite possibly my favorite Stones songs, but it’s way too hard for me to pick just one. They were pretty dreamy back then.

via Stephanie, who I met recently, and is awesome, and now I’m obsessed with her fantastic blog that I had only seen briefly before.

related: Iron & Wine + Calexico cover “Wild Horses”. Also awesome. Somehow this never came to my attention, even though I loved their album together so very much and saw them live together for one incredibly amazing show.

Goodnight, friends.